We’re Moving! | New Website Announcement

The time has come to say goodbye to WordPress and move on! While it has served me well, it was never really meant to be permanent. That is to say, I have a new website: Addled Writes Thank you so, so much to everyone who signed up for emails here. You should be able to... Continue Reading →

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In A Starless World | A Short Story

In A Starless World A glossary is available at the end of the story. *** Amrita threw herself at the door and let a scream rip from her throat that should have shaken the palace walls and made them tumble in her grief. The building stood fast, but she pushed on anyway, clawing at the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful | A Short Story

Beautiful Note: This is a horror story For content warnings click here *** She covered her mouth with her hands and pressed further back into the closet, trying to focus on the turmoil of the bedroom. Her husband had returned home to find her and another man in their bed, and she only just slipped... Continue Reading →

Am I Pretty? | A Short Story

Am I Pretty? Note: This is a horror story For content warnings click here *** Fog rolled in over the bay. It was night already and the mist settled on my skin and sank into my flesh. Tourists ducked from awning to awning, not expecting the wharf to be so cold. The shops had all... Continue Reading →

Pick Your Poison | A Short Story

Pick Your PoisonFor content warnings click here. “Pick your poison.” He held out two mugs to me, both brimming with rich, black coffee. It was some expensive kind I was unfamiliar with. The scent alone beckoned me.I looked between them. Identical plain white mugs. Identical coffee. Identical everything. “What’s the difference?”A smile spread across his... Continue Reading →

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