Beautiful | A Short Story


Note: This is a horror story
For content warnings click here


She covered her mouth with her hands and pressed further back into the closet, trying to focus on the turmoil of the bedroom. Her husband had returned home to find her and another man in their bed, and she only just slipped away as her enraged husband stalked out of the room. To find a weapon, she knew.

Now she peeked through the slats at her lover, lying in a growing pool of his own blood, and her husband standing over him, panting.

“My dear?” he sang to her and scanned the room. “Where did you disappear to?” His fist tightened around a pair of scissors and he paced the bedroom, kicking their futon aside to keep the pool of blood from staining it.

She pushed further back into the corner, hoping the shadows would mask her if he opened the doors.

He didn’t check the closet, but he turned and lurched out the bedroom door with his head held low still calling out to her, “Where are you, my love?”

She waited for his footsteps to fade and crept from her hiding spot.

A robe lay on the floor at her feet, and she tugged it on before kneeling beside her lover and stroking the side of his face. His eyes were empty and vacant, and his throat slit open from ear to ear.

She kissed her fingertips, then pressed them to his lips before rising and tiptoeing to the bedroom door. Her husband’s back was turned to her as he stalked down the hall.

She stole the opportunity to slip out and picked her way through the house in the opposite direction. She knew that once she left, she would never be able to return. She would flee the village and disappear to somewhere her husband could never find her, but that meant she needed to find her coin pouch first.

“Come now, my dear.” His voice rang through the house. “Stop playing these silly games.”

She ducked into the sitting room and pulled open a drawer. It would not open silently enough for her as the wood rubbed together and squeaked. She let out a hiss and winced, but her husband’s footsteps were still distant.

“I’m beginning to lose my patience!”

She was no fool. Patience had been abandoned the moment he caught another man on top of her. He was only trying a new tactic to lure her out.

She stepped back into the hall, but he was waiting there, scanning the doors.

“There you are.” His eyes flashed with rage as he saw her, and she scrambled back into the sitting room. He burst through the door just as she vanished behind a large chair and pressed her back against it.

“I can wait here all night, dearest,” he growled at her.

She took a deep breath and rose to her feet, seeing that her only way of escape was to try to reason with him. “Throw me out.” She held her hands out and backed away from him, circling tables and chairs to keep her distance as he followed her about the room. “He’s already dead. I’ll leave and never come back.”

He grabbed the back of a chair and flung it out of his way, sending it crashing into the wall. One of the legs snapped off and rolled to the corner.

Their furniture began to pile along the walls as he kicked and shoved it out of his way until she had nothing left to cower behind.

“Let me make this right.”

With a shout, he lunged at her and pinned her to the floor, snatching her jaw with one hand.

She shrieked and tried pushing him off as he forced the scissors into her mouth.

“Who will find you beautiful now?” The metal dug into her flesh and he ripped the blade through her cheek.

She let out a scream that sent blood spattering across his face and made the air turn sour. It was like no other sound she had made before, but she had never felt such pain in her life.

Tears rolled down his face as he slipped the scissors back into her mouth and pressed them against the inside of her other cheek.

He tore through her flesh once more, and through her screams he whispered, “Who will find you beautiful now?”


This story was originally written as a flash horror contest entry, and was uploaded here for everyone to see! Sorry the photo accompanying the story isn’t very fitting, but I lost and didn’t feel up to taking a new photo.

Thank you to my husband for helping me finish this.

An extra big shout-out to my mother (@Addlemom) for proofreading this even though you don’t like horror!

Bill, thank you for reading the multiple short stories I wrote before deciding on this one.

Kevin (@KevinLynnII, @unsleepinghorror, @kevinlynn_words_things), for pushing me to write this and helping me edit and perfect this piece.

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