About Me

Nisha Addleman has always loved writing and creating stories. From childhood, she dreamt of different worlds and made them come to life with words. Her love of storytelling began to bloom in 8th grade when given an assignment to add a chapter to Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

From then on, she began weaving new tales at every opportunity, and finally delved into writing novels just after high school.

When she wasn’t busy learning to fly helicopters or traveling through India with family, she was scheming up new stories.

Her desi background has inspired her to write diverse characters and common struggles often left unspoken. Just like books were there for her while growing up, she hopes her books can inspire the same comfort in others.

Now, she has dedicated her life to writing, and has published several short stories on her blog–with many more in the works–and is editing several novels. Her current work-in-progress is a fantasy set in a diverse world with unique characters.

If she isn’t writing, she can be found belly dancing, watching wrestling, or cooking.

Photo of Nisha
She adores professional wrestling and is a huge fan of SoCal Uncensored.



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