Short Stories

This is where you can find all of Nisha’s short stories sorted alphabetically with brief synopses.

Am I Pretty?

When a mysterious woman in a surgical mask appears in town, how do you answer her questions?
(A horror story based on the Kuchisake-onna legend related to Beautiful)


A furious husband goes to an extreme length to exact revenge on his cheating wife.
(A flash fiction horror story related to Am I Pretty?)

In A Starless World

Set to wed against her will, Amrita finds herself locked away in the inhuman palace of her groom-to-be. Meanwhile, demon prince Ravi must contend with the rituals of tradition and the woeful cries of his bride. A locked door stands between them and the unity of their worlds.
(A fantasy with hints of romance)

Pick Your Poison

After a dream date gone bad, a person is forced to play a sadistic game of chance for their life.
(A disquieting captivity narrative)

Pick Your Poison II

The continuation of Pick Your Poison. Only recommended for people who want a part 2.

When We Danced

Confined to a bed and faced with mortality, what is it like to die?
(A bittersweet story with elements of romance)

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